even when I'm doing other things I continued to create my next artwork.

An artist with a Latin essence and mestizo roots, from a country where creativity, the arts and joy are without borders, where hope is bathed in brilliant and contagious colors. Developing since his youth in an artistic ambience and growing up influenced by a mixture of music, art & culture, impressed by the poetry and the joyous traditions of his people, he develops brush strokes full of strong tones and with sensations of nostalgia and hope.

In permanent search of techniques and discoverer of his own paths of manifestation, he paints without fear of time, he paints with the certainty that his best work will never be and the search is constant and joyous.

The acrylics, the oils, the water colors, the wood, the stone, the earth, are his allies, materials with which he transforms and creates his work, a paint brush in his hands is the perfect tool from which are created art works full of peace and hope, with textures composed of memories of his life and with a profound message of dreams and a magical present.

He remains present, painting, creating and awaiting his best opportunity, his best initiative:

“A Blank Canvas”