Touchable art is a new and unique style of painting, you can feel its texture and different reliefs, touching it is the best way to discover what sensation it hides.

Art has to be sensational, it has to develop sensations.

It is not only a decorative painting, it is a piece of art that lives and feels by itself. It has much to tell you when you feel it.

Touchable Art - Inside us is light

SKU: Touch01
  • Acrylic, Lacquer, Varnish, Tempera, Plaster, Soil, Oil.

    3x4 Feet

  • If you are interested in this painting, you can contact to Galleria West.

    111 Qumiby Street. Westfield NJ, 07090

    (908) 301-92 17

    We can send it anywhere in the world and with the rights it needs.